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Auctions: Today's Way, Real Estate's Future

These days time is precious and quick, efficient service is a priceless commodity. Simply put, people want reliable service and they want in in a hurry. No one understands this better than Glenn McDonald of Garrison Realty & Associates. He knows that people in this market are wanting much faster results in the sale for their properties, whether they are residential, commercial, or any other.

The auctioning of real estate is experiencing remarkable growth. According to the National Association of Realtors, by the year 2000, 30 percent of all real estate will be sold at auction. As a matter of fact, over $34 billion of real estate sold at auction last year alone. This trend is bound to increase as more and more realtors recognize the potential profits to be made in cooperating with auctioneers.

As more realtors take advantage of the powerful marketing tool that auctions proved, the also come to realize that auctions are not just for the wealthy or for those force into selling their homes. As Glenn McDonald has come to know - Auctions can and do work for almost anybody with property to sell, and it delivers excellent results in good time.

Auctions are becoming more than just a clever and effective marketing tool, they have become the method of "first resort" for many property owners. A recent poll conducted in the Midwest showed that real state owners have tripled their confidence in real estate auction in the past three years. As more and more people become convertible with real estate auctions their confidence level is certain to grow.

The strength of Real Estate auctioning lies in it's ability to obtain "true-market value" in a short-span of time. Suppose you had real estate to sell and you think it may be in demand, you should be the first one to call to sell your property at public auction - let the buyers bid against each other to get that true-market value. There are benefits for the buyer as well - being able to maintain control of what is spent as well as the convenience and ease of the process.

Finally, with the unlimited market growth potential and the unparalleled benefits auctions offer to property owners, realtors, and buyers, there is no doubt that this method of sales will continue to surge in popularity.